[How to save freshly made moon cakes]_just made_save methods

[How to save freshly made moon cakes]_just made_save methods

Moon cake is a kind of food for Chinese traditional fans to enjoy the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival, which symbolizes happiness and reunion.

Moon cake is also a traditional cuisine.

Even after the Mid-Autumn Festival, we also changed our methods to make moon cakes to eat.

Although the moon cakes are delicious, the moon cakes you make yourself do not have any additives, and the amount may be exceeded, so the remaining simple preservation will easily break at the temperature of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

How to keep fresh mooncakes?

How to save mooncakes after baking: There are several ways to save them: 1. Buy a special mooncake packaging bag. After the mooncakes are naturally cooled, pack the mooncakes and heat seal them.

2. After the moon cakes are cooled, the neatly wrapped fresh-keeping bags will be sealed. Depending on the size of the fresh-keeping bags, several can be packed in each bag.

3. After the moon cakes are allowed to cool, place them neatly in a fresh-keeping box and keep them sealed.

How long should moon cakes be baked? It depends on the temperature, which is close to normal temperature, and usually can be packed in one hour.

But still to see if it is cool, you can take a small toothpick into the moon cake and pull it out. Put the toothpick in your lips and try to see if the temperature is cool.

Packaging does not affect oil return, but after 5 to 7 days, oil return is completed before leaving the factory.

How long can moon cakes be stored after being baked? The fillings for moon cakes are generally divided into soft and hard.

The soft-filled medium-grain sieve can only be stored for 7 to 10 days, while the hard-filled moon cakes can be stored for about 1 month.

Moon cakes are rich in fats and sugars. They are prone to mold and deterioration when heated and damp, so be sure to store moon cakes in a low temperature, cool and ventilated place.

First of all, the moon cake has a soft skin, high moisture content, and is easy to deteriorate. It is best to put the moon cake together with the box in the refrigerator and take it an hour before eating to ensure its taste. Under the environment of 25 seconds, the almonds and fruitsThe mooncakes with equal filling can be stored for about 15 days; the mooncakes with red bean paste, lotus seed paste, and date puree should not be stored for more than 10 days; if it is more than 30 seconds, the mooncake storage time should be appropriately reduced, and generally not more than 7 days; Such as fresh meat, shredded chicken, ham and other moon cakes should be eaten as you buy.

Mooncakes should not be stored together with other foods and sundries when stored, so as not to skewer and lose their proper taste and characteristics.

If the moon cake at home can be eaten in two or three periods, it can be stored at room temperature.

When it is not finished for a while, you can use the following methods: 1. Put the moon cakes in clean food bags and store them in the fresh-keeping cabinet of the refrigerator; rigid moon cakes can be stored in cartons and can be stored for ten days without being damaged.
It is best not to freeze the moon cake, the taste will change after the moon cake is frozen.

2. If it is a moon cake in bulk, first put the moon cake in a plastic jar, then sprinkle rock sugar on it. Rock sugar can absorb moisture.

3. If it is salty moon cake, cover the moon cake with a layer of plastic wrap first, and then put rock candy.

This way you can put moon cakes directly in the room instead of in the refrigerator.