[How to make Sichuan bean paste]_ practice _ production method

[How to make Sichuan bean paste]_ practice _ production method

From the supermarket, you can see a variety of watercress sauces. Some are salty and some are spicy. The more popular one is Sichuan-style watercress, which is a Sichuan-style sauce.There are also fragrant characteristics.

What is the method of making Sichuan flavor bean paste?

There are still many ingredients for Sichuan-style watercress sauce. Some spices include fragrant leaves, cinnamon, white pipa, amomum, etc. You need to know more about the specific methods.

Ingredients for homemade Sichuan-flavored bean paste sauce: 3 kg of mildew watercress, 15 kg of Erjing strip pepper, 5 kg of spicy millet, auxiliary materials: 5 kg of salt, 4 kg of rapeseed oil, 2 kg of high-grade white wine, 2 kg of mineral water) Used), spice (can also be directly replaced with thirteen incense) production methods: 1, spice: fragrant leaves, cinnamon, white pipa, amomum, grass fruit, fragrant fruit, ginger, Chinese pepper, star anise, anise.

If you do not want to boil the spice water, you can directly use thirteen fragrant powder instead.

2. Put the spices in a clean soup pot, add 2 pounds of mineral water, cook on high heat and turn to medium heat, cook for 20 minutes, turn off the heat and cool, filter and take the spice water.

3, mold Douban, Sichuan uses Hu Douban (ie egg Douban) mold.

Usually started after the Dragon Boat Festival.

If you can’t make it yourself, you can buy ready-made mold watercress. The watercress you buy needs to be washed with water and then dried.

My own home is very clean and generally does not need to be cleaned.

Put it in a larger pot, and pour in liquor and spice water.

After mixing, cover with stuffing and ferment for one day.

If you don’t want to use oil, you can use mineral water or spice water instead, only the dried bean paste.

4. Douban sauce must be purchased from the former two wattle. It is especially suitable for making sauce. The skin is thin and has little water. Other red peppers are also available.

After cleaning, go to Titi, dry the water, and it will take about 2 or 3 hours on a sunny day.

5. Chop the peppers and chop them finely. This is medium-thickness. The thickness is random. 6. Chopped peppers are put in the sauce bowl, add 4 pounds of salt and mix well. 7. Cover with gauze and let dry on the upper floor for half a day. 8.In the morning, pour the previously fermented Douban into the sauce bowl, dried green pepper, minced ginger and garlic (without adding), and the remaining salt 9, then mix well, and stir from bottom to top.Add lettuce seed oil and mix well, place 2 chopsticks on the sauce bowl, cover with glass and dry.

Turn it around once a day in the morning. Don’t move it in the middle, it will become sour.

About 1 month, of course, the longer the sun, the more fragrant.

After drying, it should be sealed and stored. Take it with a clean, dry spoon.

Tips: 1. Do the bean paste. The days when you put the sauce are very particular. The two days of the “gold” sauce must be dried, followed by the “fire”. The worst is the “water” day.

If you do not understand, you can inquire or ask the elders at home.

2. During the whole process of chili sauce, do not touch the raw water, the kitchen knife and cutting board are dried in advance.

Pay special attention to this if it’s a yin bean paste.

3. The ratio of pepper to watercress in watercress sauce is 5: 1 or 6: 1. The more peppers, the more red the sauce, and the hotter it is.

At least 1 kg of Douban with 4 kg of chili.