[How to pickle sweet and sour garlic]_Sweet and sour garlic_How to pickle_How to pickle

銆愮硸閱嬭挏鐨勮厡鍒舵柟娉曘€慱绯栭唻钂淿鎬庝箞鑵屽埗_濡備綍鑵屽埗 绯栭唻钂滄槸涓€绉嶆睙鍗楀湴鍖虹壒鏈夌殑缇庡懗灏忛锛屽師鏉愭枡灏辨槸鐢ㄧ殑鏈€鏅€氱殑澶ц挏锛屽皢鍏惰厡鍒惰繃鍚庢洿鍔犳湁鍒╀簬浜轰綋鍚告敹鍏惰惀鍏汇€傜硸閱嬭挏鐨勮厡鍒舵柟娉曞叾瀹炲緢瀹规槗锛屾瘡瀹舵瘡鎴峰彧瑕佸噯澶囦竴涓皬鐨勫瘑灏佺綈锛屽氨鍙互鑷繁鍒朵綔绯栭唻钂滐紝鍚冪殑鏃跺€欐敞鎰忓嚑涓簨椤瑰嵆鍙€?涓€銆佺硸閱嬭挏鐨勫師鏂欏噯澶?鏂伴矞澶ц挏5鏂ゃ€佺硸1鏂ゃ€佺洂500鍏嬨€侀唻500鍏嬨€佹按3鏂ゅ崐浜屻€佺硸閱嬭挏鐨勫ぇ钂滃鐞?1銆佸皢鍑嗗濂芥柊椴滃ぇ钂滐紝鍘婚櫎椤昏寧锛屽墺鍘诲鐨€?What are you doing?澶 ╋ 纴 姣 忓 ぉ 鎹?Mastiff?Do you want to draw a picture of each other’s temperature?3 銆 佸 皢 娉 “ソ 镄 勫 ぇ 钂 Cang Wei monkey monkeys 僴 娌 ュ Gongsong Village 囎 徶 囩 啤 銆?銆佹妸钂滄斁鍏ュ鍣ㄤ腑锛屼竴灞傝挏娲掍竴灞傜洂锛屾瘡澶╃炕鍔ㄤ竴娆°€?銆佽厡鍒扮鍥涘ぉ鐨勬椂鍊欐妸钂滄崬鍑恒€佹播姘淬€佹檼骞层€?涓夈€佺硸閱嬭挏鐨勯叡姹佽皟鍒?1 銆 侀 閨 Juan 捏 鍏?鏂ゅ崐鐨勬竻姘淬€?銆佹斁鍏ョ櫧绯栥€侀唻澶х伀鐓紑銆?銆佺叜寮€涔嬪悗锛屽叧鐏斁鍑夊鐢ㄣ€傚洓銆佺硸閱嬭挏鐨勮厡鍒舵柟娉?1銆佸皢鏀惧噳鐨勯叡姹佸€掑叆瑁呮湁澶ц挏鐨勫潧瀛愪腑锛屾病杩囧ぇ钂溿€?銆佸瘑灏侊紝鑵屾笉涓€涓湀鐨勬椂鍊欏氨鍙互椋熺敤鍟︺€備簲銆佺硸閱嬭挏鐨勮惀鍏?1銆佽厡濂界殑绯栬挏椴滆€屼笉杈o紝閰哥敎鍙彛锛屽悆杩囧悗鍢撮噷涓嶄細鏈夎挏鍛炽€?銆佽厡杩囩殑澶ц挏锛岃荆鍛冲噺娓咃紝杈涚儹涔嬫€т篃鍙樺緱缂撳拰浜嗐€?銆佺硸钂滃彲浠ュ幓闄ゆ补鑵伙紝杩樿兘澶熶績杩涗汉浣撶殑娑堝寲銆佸惛鏀躲€?You can click on the buttonRead More

[How to peel chestnuts quickly_How to peel chestnuts quickly]

[How to peel chestnuts quickly_How to peel chestnuts quickly] In autumn, it is time to eat chestnuts, but although many friends like to eat chestnuts, they do not like peeling chestnuts very much. But no matter what kind of chestnut cooking method, we need to peel the chestnuts by hand. If everyone knows some tips,Read More

Godsend Cauliflower

Godsend Cauliflower Cauliflower, also known as cauliflower or cauliflower, is available in white and green, and is very nutritious. Green is also called “broccoli” and “brown broccoli”, and its nutritional value is higher than that of white. Cauliflower is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe. It has been used by westerners for the treatmentRead More

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast “Breakfast, deal with at noon, eat and drink at night”, it is this lifestyle, which has created the “source of all diseases.” Healthy longevity starts with a good breakfast.   A survey shows that 20% of people do not eat breakfast; 70% do not eat breakfast. People do n’t recognize breakfast differently: some simplyRead More

Four super-saving ways to eliminate eye bags

_1 Four super-saving ways to eliminate eye bags Four ultra-saving money-removing bags under the eyes are the easiest to leak women’s secrets. Aimei, are you still worried about the fine lines in the corners of your eyes? It doesn’t matter, I will introduce some simple, effective and cost-effective eye protection techniques. Make your eyes 20Read More

Peach for heart anemia

Peach for heart anemia Peach is fundamentally delicious, and it also contains carotene, glucose, sucrose, fructose, protein, vitamin B2, vitamin E6, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, sodium and other nutrients.   Song Guoxian, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Third People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, said that the motherland medicine believesRead More